Eventbrite - Run Your Business Like A Business "Workshop" 6 Clock Hour Class

170 out of 178 Students Rated 5 Stars!

"I was pleasantly surprised in taking Nate Short’s introductory class to Managing Your Business like a Business. This subject is one of the weaker areas of an independent contractor’s planning, especially among real estate agents, of which I am one for over 20 years."

"Nate made a compelling case to improve both our life and our business by treating them with a serious eye to the financials: imploring us to set goals, develop systems, set up records, develop a budget, look at the long term and not just live on the edge of the short term. We were so motivated by the class that we invited Nate to our office to share with all of us on this important business plan. Not only that, but signed up to have the class at our office just as soon as could be arranged."

"One of the best classes I have ever taken!"

Melissa Boucher, Realtor

I highly recommend the opportunity to either hone your skills on managing your business or to transform how you approach it.

Leigh Buchan Harvey-Managing Broker, Assistant Manager

“Fantastic, insightful and thoughtful class, focusing on opportunities we may or may not take advantage of. I really feel this will help me plan and execute an effective financial plan, business plan and marketing strategy. Thank you so much!”

Claire Newman, Realtor

“Very helpful! I now have a detailed system to motivate me and organize my business and personal finances. Thank you!

Sabranie Coyne, Realtor

“Such a blessing to have this tried and true material/systems shared so liberally. Thank you!”

Monique Harris Jones, Realtor

“Great class! I am just starting out in real estate and this is a fantastic foundation.”

Dan Koonce, Realtor

“This was very helpful – great foundational information and step by step planning. Refreshing and inspirational. Thank you!”

Barbara Clark, Realtor

“This is incredibly useful material for our specific industry. I would love to see a follow up seminar that would review how students have set up this material.”

Pat Tye, Realtor

“I would love another course to tag team with this one, taking the ideas and skills to the next level, where we actually fill in the forms/blanks of your booklet and perhaps become accountable to the instructor or another individual.”

Kristi Vellema, Realtor

“Fabulous – very helpful. Thank you!”

Shelley Elenbaas, Realtor

“Great class. Look forward to starting this plan for my business.”

Sherry Newman, Realtor

“I have gone through many similar classes but this one made great sense at the end. Very helpful!”

Lisa Brand, Realtor

“This is a great class. It would have been great to have this class when I first became an agent.”

Autumn Reid, Realtor

“Very motivating course that provided good value because he shared his own methods and systems that h worked for him to get out of where he was in 2008. I can relate and will get started moving forward with a plan.”

David Tomasek, Realtor

“One of the best “practical” classes I’ve taken.”

Larry Powell, Realtor

"Thank you so much for a great day learning new ways to Run Your Business Like A Business! It was time so well spent. Even for a veteran of 25 plus years, every hour was filled with many nuggets and new things to incorporate. You have obviously put many hours into this and it shows. I loved your authenticity and thoughtful manner. The day was well spent and I plan to incorporate much of RYBLAB into 2017! Thank you very much!"

Diane Terry, Realtor